An agent is going to work on behalf of people who are selling their house and they can also show potential buyers around the home as well.

  • You should create a checklist of all the questions that you would like to ask.
  • Some are going to be minor and others are going to be major.

What questions should you ask the estate agent as you are looking around a home for the first time?

How Recently Was The House Built?

The age of the house is going to influence the offer that you make. Newer houses go for more than older houses, generally. You will be able to start forming your offer once the estate agent in Hornchurch has told you the age of the property. This is one of the first questions that you should ask. Write it down so you are not going to forget at all.

How Much Is The Homeowner Asking For The House?

The homeowner’s asking price may be within your budget or you may want to offer a lower price. The estate agent is going to tell you the asking price after you have finished viewing the property. Write down this question so that you are not going to forget at all.

Does The House Have Any Structural Issues?

You should ask the estate agent whether the house has any structural issues that you should be aware of because it is a legal requirement that you are informed. The estate agent will present you with a list of everything that is structurally wrong with the property.

What Is The Condition Of The Water And Electrical Systems?

The water and the electrical systems need to be in perfect working order for you to consider making an offer on a property. The estate agent is going to inform you about the condition of the utilities. They are going to inform you about any work that needs to be done once you have moved into the property.

They can also give you evidence about how well these systems are working. This is going to be one of the main factors when you decide that you are going to purchase a property.

What Are The Borders Of The House?

You need to know the exact borders of the property in relation to the other houses which are on the street. It is not always easy to determine this just with the naked eye when you are taking a look around the property. The estate agent is going to be able to give you detailed drawings which outline the exact borders.

These drawings will ensure that you are never going to get in any boundary disputes with your neighbours.

Article Summation

You need to be prepared to ask the agent several questions as you are looking around the house because this will ensure that you make an informed decision about whether or not you are going to buy the property.

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